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Restaurant Les fils à maman à Toulouse
  • Restaurant à Toulouse, rue pharaon proche du capitol
  • Restaurant à Toulouse, rue pharaon proche du capitol
  • Restaurant à Toulouse, rue pharaon proche du capitol
  • Restaurant à Toulouse, rue pharaon proche du capitol
  • Restaurant à Toulouse, rue pharaon proche du capitol
  • Restaurant à Toulouse, rue pharaon proche du capitol
  • Restaurant à Toulouse, rue pharaon proche du capitol
  • Restaurant à Toulouse, rue pharaon proche du capitol

1 rue Pharaon, Toulouse

Restaurant open Tuesday to Sunday

From 12 to 2.30pm and from 7.30 to 10.30pm – Saturday evenings from 7.30 to 11.30pm.
BRUNCH on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 4pm. Closed on Sunday night and on Monday.

Venez faire la fête entre amis aux Fils à Maman ! Restaurant gourmands à Toulouse

Once upon a time there were Julien, Laurent, Erwann, Sebastien and… HENDRICK, the boss and the manger of Les Fils à Maman in Toulouse, who will welcome you every day in his restaurant.


He tells us how and why he decided to become a « Fils à Maman » :
In order to help me fund my studies, which, to be honnest, weren’t really my biggest concern (English language degree and speech therapy studies), I always more or less worked in the restaurant industry. It all began with my first service in a prestigious hotel/restaurant in the Aveyron region of France where I had to give up for the first time New Years Eve celebrations with friends when I was 15 years old, in order to work as an extra with my dad (who was at the time also a restaurateur). As a student in Brussels, a city where I lived for 6 years, I worked as a waiter at Les Fils à Maman.
That’s where I met Nicolas and Audrey, the Brussels branch managers. And that’s where I got to know the ambiance of that restaurant and the brainchild. And I just felt in LOVE with the concept. Quickly an appointement is organized in Paris with Julien to discuss about my project to open a Fils à Maman in my beloved home city.
A few months later I left Brussels, to plunge into this adventure whith my family and my childhood friends around me. I have regained the sun, the ocean nearby, the mountains, and that festive mood peculiar to the south of France!
Gourmet, proud and very close to my mum, opening a restaurant in her honor seemed like a great tribute!

Situated at 1 rue Pharaon, the Fils à Maman have chosen a great location. The Pharaon street is considered to be one of the oldest route in the city, and probably the first real road, the first way built by travelers in Ancient history, from which merged the city of Toulouse..
A hundred meters away from the famous Place de Carmes and from the Palais de Justice, the neighbourhood is extremely lively day and night. Bars, restaurants, shops…. You’ll be sure to have a good time !

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Restaurant Les fils à maman Toulouse

Un restaurant à Toulouse pour la cuisine de maman

Discover the Special Mum’s menu right here

Every first Tuesday of the month our lovely mums will come and put their cookery skills into action to offer you some of their special dishes. On that day a unique menu will be offered : the mum’s starter, her kids two favorite dishes and her most famous dessert.

Every customer eating that night will be given all the recipes, and our mums will be here to share with you all their tricks and their secrets.

Restaurant Les fils à maman Toulouse

La roue des gourmands, notre restaurant récompense ses fidèles clients !

Our restaurant rewards the most loyal customers
Spin it spin it… and… you…. WIN !! A romantic dinner? Free coffee for one month? A dance with Hendrick?
Once they have their loyalty card filled up, our lovely customers can spin the foodies’ wheel and might get the chance to win a nice reward… or not !
The foodies’ wheel: a great idea in the restaurant Les Fils à Maman Paris

La roue des gourmands, une idée sympa au restaurant les fils à maman à Toulouse.

Restaurant sympathique de Toulouse.
Restaurant Les fils à maman à Toulouse.

Le livre de la cuisine des maman

Remember when you were a kid and you were always hanging in the kitchen watching your mum prepare your favorite dish? You would then secretly dip your finger in the sweet batter and get your face full of chocolate mousse. Who never dreamt about cooking those dishes they loved so much as a kid ?


It is to help you plunge back into these delicious memories that we have asked 22 real mothers to reveal their easiest and most delicious recipes.
Each menu is composed of a starter, a main course and a dessert and come with their own original illustrations, the mum’s tricks of the trade and a selection of interesting information about each dish. Each menu suggested is a tribute to home cooking, childhood and family.
Dinner is served !!!

Restaurant Les fils à maman in Toulouse.

Les goodies sympas de notre restaurant.


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French Restaurant in toulouse les Fils à Maman.